Welcome to my Creative Year, in which I will endeavour to post something vaguely creative every single day until October 2009. To be honest this is almost laughably optimistic but in true fighting spirit I’m going to ‘give it a whirl’ and see what happens. Be aware that there will be days when the definition of creativity is stretched to breaking point, but this whole thing is as much about ideas as finished output. It is also most likely that my updates will be posted in the late evening as this is the time that I will ‘do my stuff’. Patience will be required, though not necessarily rewarded.

To kick things off we have a nice colourful portrait. No one ever knows who my portraits are supposed to be, so I’ll save you thirty seconds of squinting and a shrug by revealing that it is, or is supposed to resemble, Naomi Watts. You know, she was in The Ring and Mulholland Drive. And King Kong. They killed her big gorilla friend and left her at the top of the Empire State Building with that bloke who looks French but isn’t.


6 thoughts on “001

  1. Well, Graham, your pledge is certainly a noble endeavor, so best of luck with it and here’s hoping you find your calling somewhere along the way…
    Your first portrait is a great start (& I knew who it was too) and I look forward to following your progress over the months to come…

  2. A great start!

    I’m also sure that adrien Brody would be pleased to see himself summarised as you have described him.

    Probably… I mean, it’s a fair description and all…

  3. Fantastic! I knew it was Naomi too. It’s excellent, and I think you should stress to people that you draw these freehand. I also think you should set up an art site and start selling them on canvases. I’d buy the one of Barack Obama.

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