I knocked this together last night. I was originally going to do a portrait of Summer Glau, but this pose didn’t really lend itself to that treatment so I took a single wavy line and eventually ended up with what looks like a banknote image. I rather like it. If the Bank of England are looking to redesign the fiver, I reckon they could do worse.

They’d probably want to change the gun for a bunch of flowers, mind.

By the way, if you’re getting an annoying window that pops up when you hover over these images, it can be permanently disabled by clicking on the options ‘cog’ in the top right of the pop up.


5 thoughts on “003

  1. First of all, this whole project has to be commended. I salute you, sir, even for considering such an undertaking. Second of all, they’ve all been great so far. Do you work in art/design/something similar? Because if not you bloody well ought to. Third of all, I didn’t even know what, or as it turns out, who a Summer Glau was until today so thank you for broadening my mind. And fourth and finally of all, Josh’s comment has made me think – perhaps in four days’ time you could do a James Bond themed one. Or would that be too corny? I’d appreciate it anyway.

  2. Thank you Justin. I work in a builder’s yard actually, but I appreciate your compliment. Don’t get carried away though, by the end of the month I’ll probably be drawing stick figures saying rude words.

    I may do something Bond related, or I might forget. I like the idea of requests though.

    I had a quick look at your blog and will certainly revisit. I even managed to sit through the whole of Stevie Wonder even though my ears were bleeding quite badly.

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