This is my tribute to all-American heroine, Miley Cyrus. You have to feel sorry for her, and not just because her father recorded one of the worst records of all time. I had a moment of panic when I realised (after finishing this montage) that she might be Canadian – but she isn’t. While checking this I discovered that her real name is Destiny, which is a bit sad considering where she’ll probably end up.


5 thoughts on “005

  1. This is my favourite so far. It’s the kind of thing I’d consider buying for my wall (if I was confident I wouldn’t destroy the wall with a power drill, that is).

  2. I like the tea/coffee mug ring. I’ve yet to work out precisely why but I have a feeling it has something to do with my contempt for the concept of celebrity.

  3. Yes, to me the coffee stain speaks of the disposability of celebrity culture. [/poncy art critic mode]

    Very smart piece, Graham; you’re right about her, once she’s past 20 she’ll go off the rails faster than you can say ‘Britney’…

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