Ariane asked for a portrait of Richard Dawkins and I, ever eager to fulfil my readers’ hopes and dreams, have obliged. Trouble is, she might not like it because it’s a bit ‘experimental’ (which is probably a euphemism for ‘rushed’). Still, that’s the name of the game with this project – experimenting, that is, not rushing things – so I used a stipple brush and hoped for the best. It’s different, if nothing else.


4 thoughts on “006

  1. Rather good, how was it done?
    I like the ‘sketch’ aspect as it fits quite nicely with the pose. Why do the eyes look a bit blank?

  2. Ariane: You’re welcome. ‘Freehand’ isn’t quite the same in the digital realm as it would be on canvas as it’s very easy to correct mistakes, but yes.

    Josh: How was it done? In Photoshop, with my drawing tablet and a strange (virutal) brush. I should probably try doing some non-digital stuff soon. His eyes look blank becuase he is in league with beelzebub.

    Hadleigh: Thank you. Sir.

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