A chap called Justin, who seems to be an all-round decent sort despite a fondness for venison, politely suggested that I should do something related to James Bond for this post. It’s number 007, see. I stepped up to the plate, failed entirely, then ran away again with only the following to show for it.

My simplistic notion that a few silhouettes would do the job was, perhaps, misguided.


4 thoughts on “007

  1. The couple kissing look kind of young and innocent, which is almost anti-Bond. I like the bold colours. Reminds me of the computer game ‘No One Lives Forever’ or NOLF as I like to call it. Overall, B+.

  2. Now I’m not sure this is intentional but I’ve noticed that Quantum of Solace is being marketed, quite heavily with Coke (the cola brand not the stuff that looks like washing powder). Your picture (which I would *not*, by a long shot, call a failure) reminds me of Coke…. I think it’s the curves of the shapes in the background as well as the circles, they remind me of bubbles =)

  3. It’s a valiant attempt, Graham; I think it might have benefited from a darker palette, perhaps. Oh, and well done for not going down the obvious ‘ohh, let’s have a girl on a big gun, because we’ve can’t think of any better phallic imagery route’ that they used to go down…

  4. I quite like it, but it’s not very Bond. It’s kind of more 70s disco with an 80s colour palette. On the plus side, if you ever want to design any gay porn, I reckon you’re in there.

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