When she’s not being the scariest woman in America, Sarah Palin is keen to remind us that she’s just a regular Hockey Mom. That’s as far as my biography goes because I couldn’t be bothered to read her Wikipedia page. I’m a busy man.

For my first ever caricature, I don’t think it’s too bad. Her massive orange head lends itself to exaggeration but perhaps I have been too kind.


5 thoughts on “008

  1. I love it! This is probably my favorite one to date. Matt Damnon does a nice number on the ‘hockey mom’ thing “it’s like a disney movie”

  2. It’s really good, but I think you have been a bit kind. She looks more attractive as a cartoon than in real life and that can’t be right. Or maybe I just have a fetish for cartoon women…

  3. Yes, I think you also have been too kind to this (allegedly) dishonest Governor who allows oil companies to destroy the environment of Alaska for profit. The funny thing about US politics and the presidential race there is that it’s like the tag-line that advertised that god-awful ‘Alien v Predator’ movie: “Whoever wins, we lose…”

    Anyway, back to the charicature, other than not being as viciously unkind as the woman probably deserves, it’s a good cartoon.

  4. It’s an excellent caricature, but she does look rather too endearing. If that isn’t a pentagram round her neck, it should be. I’d love her to be exposed as a closet satanist.

  5. Well if you ask David Icke he’ll tell you she’s really a shapeshifting lizard. And on this occasion, just this one, I might believe him.

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