7 thoughts on “009

  1. Very funny, Graham, albeit pretty sick…
    But PC has no nose in cell 2, so how does he smell?
    Terrible (boom boom!)

  2. Brilliant, I like this not because it’s slightly disturbed but because I think Pedro as a character has potential as the simple, inept, unknowing killer that everybody loves….

  3. Muhamad, I was originally going to show Pedro cradling a log or something equally benign in the last panel but my disturbed mind overruled me at the last minute. I wouldn’t call it inspiration.

    Josh, you could be right. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Pedro.

    Ariane, I like his name too. He was originally going to appear in a cartoon called ‘Pedro Crapcake and his Inexplicable Desire to do Stupid Things’ but for one reason or another it never happened. I suppose beheading a young lady would qualify as fairly stupid though.

  4. In the further adventures of Pedro, maybe he could hook up with Sarah Palin. They’d make a sweet couple.

  5. Great name; just wondering where the hell this came from, Graham?

    Randomness besides, I do like you bizarre comic strips. They have a surreal, irresistible charm about them!

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