I’ll let you watch the animation first.

There were a few complaints, quite rightly, about my Sarah Palin caricature. It was too kind and flattering to a woman upon whom I did not wish to bestow kindness and flattery. I read today that she doesn’t even need glasses but wears plain lenses to appear more intelligent. This could be entirely untrue, but I really want to believe the worst of her.

Anyway, I hope this redresses the balance.


6 thoughts on “010

  1. Although was a little surprised that she hadn’t considered the possibility of a Cheney-style hunting accident…

  2. I really liked the caricature…..

    I think it would really piss Hilary Clinton off if this lady who has the ability to make George W Bush intelligent becomes the first female president. I can see dark times ahead.

  3. Very good. I was half expecting a pig with lipstick to jump out somewhere, but I will wait for that in a future instalment. I think you may need to take a break from her because there is too much ammo, such as when she was asked what newspapers she gets foreign news from about 5 times to a repeated response of “a whole bunch of them get delivered”. I imagined her muttering an aside of “and no God damn hockey to be seen”.

  4. lol. personally, i think palin is getting too much coverage. even if most of it seems to be anti her, i reckon she’s still benefitting from the exposure. abit like bushy did back in his time.

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