Occasionally I contribute to a Photoshop forum that has a weekly challenge for its users. This week, the task was to portray the head of the United Nations as an empty suit (to represent inaction). He had to be on the phone and placed in a suitable environment. The only source image was the following:

Below is my entry. It took me about seven hours so I thought I’d get a bit more mileage out of it by posting it here as well.


2 thoughts on “012

  1. Why did you put a watch and tie on him?

    I like the subtle reflection of the laptop and papers on the coffee (Annan) mug.

    When ever I see an empty suite (in a shop front, for example) my mind always drifts to René Magritte but it’s more so with this image. The tones and also the wallpaper make this a Magritteesq piece. I like it.

  2. They wanted you to cut off a man’s head and hands? That doesn’t seem very fair. Even if the man was orange and looked a little creepy.

    Anyhow, great Photoshopping. Though I’m a little alarmed that the head of the UN’s phone is so low-tech. Shouldn’t he have some kind of robotic digital voice-activated international speech system?

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