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Poor old Buddy.

I have decided to call this series Modern Misfortune. Posts relating to the series will be tagged as such.


7 thoughts on “013

  1. Sweet! (albeit with a rather bitter aftertaste)
    Seriously, a few more of these and I reckon you’ve got a stocking filler here…

  2. Fantastic. I like this one better than the cat one.

    Seriously: this should be a series in The Guide. I think you’d need at least 50 more (if not 100) for a stocking filler, but two years of one a week should sort that (and get you a following).

  3. I think you’re on a winner with this idea, Graham. Very very good, and very, very funny indeed.

    (Btw, if your heating fails this winter, just warm your hands on the glowing warmth of this praise. I hope you can feel it now.)

  4. Now that I’ve stopped laughing, a minor piece of (hopefully) constructive criticism. Buddy’s arms/hands look a bit awkward, positionally. Unless it’s a country singer thing I’m unaware of, like the way rappers hold their shoulders with opposing hands.

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    Justin, I concede that Buddy’s hands look awkward and in retrospect he probably should have been standing with hands on hips or something, but then again it was meant to be a deliberately awful album cover. That’s the best excuse I’ve got, anyway.

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