Today: why Britain is Great.

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13 thoughts on “014

  1. Fuck, that’s bleak and brilliant. And thank you for the reference to acronyms and textspeak.

    I would leave the country, but I can’t think of another that’s not worse…

  2. I felt quite sad at the end….did you see the news that Jersey is voting on moving away from GMT to become more continental, next they will get a tug boat to move them even closer to France and away from GB.

  3. Fitter. Happier. More Productive.

    Was I the only one hearing that same computer voice in their head as I read it.

    Very incisive, bleak and thought-provoking stuff Graham. If it were your political manifesto, I’d vote for your party*.

    A pig.

    In a cage.

    On anti-biotics.

    * I’d vote for your party anyway Graham, and not just to say my mate’s the PM…

  4. Josh, before you waste any time dabbing TCP on your hard earned blisters, those two statements were not meant to be connected. Unless it works, in which case I claim the idea.

    Hadleigh, you are elevating me far beyond my station. The words weren’t considered at all and were basically a stream of consciousness as I frantically rushed to fill the space with matchsticks under my eyelids.

  5. I really liked this Graham. It reminded me a lot of Philip Larkin’s poems – Sunny Prestatyn and Home Is So Sad and Afternoons. Almost everything you’ve posted on here so far has been really good – you’re obviously very talented, and I hope someone’s paying you for some of these talents and that you’re not giving them all away for free on this blog!

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