If it’s any consolation, I don’t like it either. This is not part of the Modern Misfortune series, unless you count my drawing it as a misfortune.


3 thoughts on “015

  1. I like it, though would have preferred it if it had been both of them redeeming the vouchers as though they’d been to the clinic a lot together, rather than the message being “Oh no, my new girlfriend’s a slut!” Dean looks exquisitely gormless – you’ve nailed him perfectly. And I especially like the detail on the computer screen.

  2. I like it, the expression on her face is delightfully ditzy, Dean looks a bit zombified though but it’s to be expected in that situation.

  3. Yeah, it’s not as immediate as some of your other pieces, but I’d like to add my voice to the praise for the characterisation.

    Oh, I’ll keep my praise more subdued from now on, as I feel I was starting to sound like your gay stalker in my comments on the last two pieces…

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