As some of you will already be aware, today marks the launch of the Atheist Bus Campaign. The idea is the brainchild of my close personal showbiz chum, Ariane Sherine. A few months back she suggested, in an article for The Guardian, that the Christian propaganda adverts that had started to appear on London buses should be countered by a secular response. It was just a seed of thought, but it proved to be a popular one that has since germinated and grown into what we have today – a full on advertising campaign that has the backing of the British Humanist Association as well as the personal endorsement of the preeminent Richard Dawkins.

Anyway, it has been my honour to create the artwork for both the campaign website and the bus advert itself. If you visit the site you will have the opportunity to donate to the cause and, if it’s successful, see the adverts appear on bendy buses in the capital during January 2009.

I think all intelligent people recognise the importance of democracy and freedom of expression. Whether you’re an atheist, an undecided bet hedger or a dyed in the wool evangelical, please support the campaign in the very noble interests of balance, fairness and reason.

And also because it will be way cool.

UPDATE – 11.22am: After an overwhelming response, the target of £5,500 has not only been met but exceeded by some distance! Please keep the donations coming though as it will fund further campaigns… this thing is going to happen!


4 thoughts on “021

  1. Well done to all involved, I’m in favour of the idea as religious advertising just makes me cringe.

    Well done to you especially Graham – I expect you’re too modest to admit it, but I think it’s really great that lots of people will be seeing your art & design work now…

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