Lately I’ve been rather paranoid that my stuff is subconsciously stolen from elsewhere. Is this an old joke?

Not this exact version, of course, but a variation thereof? If it is, I’m sorry. At least I’m probably the first to do it in sepia.


6 thoughts on “022

  1. Yes, it looks like a decapitated Robin Fear. This is a really good one, and I’ve certainly never seen it before.

  2. Josh, Gavin – no, I haven’t taken to decapitating old characters. Most of my characters look the same, that’s all. I don’t know how he gets around. Perhaps his friend pushes him.

    Hadleigh – I didn’t consider this to be non-PC, I just liked the idea that the head on wheels didn’t want to be pitied. If I ever find myself in that position, I’d like to think that I’d be similarly magnanimous.

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