“Are you on Creative Year?”


“What’s he done today?”

“Dunno. Some weird shit.”

[Tuts.] “I hate it when he does weird shit.”

“I know. Probably thinks he’s being clever or something.”



5 thoughts on “027

  1. Ooh, this makes me think of The X-Files, back in the day when it was good. Very atmospheric.

    And it wouldn’t be Creative Year without weird shit. It’s clearly what you do best.

  2. Was The X-Files ever good, Justin? I borrowed the first season off someone recently, having never watched the programme before, and six episodes in I’m still waiting for it to be something other than awful.

  3. Well, I remember it being good. But that’s not the same thing as actually being good is it? I’m sure there were some good episodes but maybe it was patchy. Or maybe it’s just not your bag.

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