I made this, rather foolishly, before listening to the offending audio on YouTube and now I can’t decide how I feel about it. Perhaps they did go a bit far.


3 thoughts on “030

  1. It was funny. It was also very juvenile, and reminded me of two schoolboys trying to amuse each other, but it’s very clear that it wasn’t intended to hurt anyone. I think that, when you call someone’s answerphone, it’s sometimes hard to envisage that a real person is going to listen to that message and have a reaction. In alternative comedy, it’s also very easy to become desensitised to the reactions of people who aren’t in alternative comedy (you can say the crudest things in front of other comedians and they’ll just laugh). That’s not to say they should have done it – they shouldn’t – but there should also never have been this level of fuss.

  2. As I write, it’s just been announced that the Controller of Radio 2 has resigned. It was certainly a big error of judgment on Brand and Ross’s part, but didn’t merit anything like the reaction we’ve seen. Quite a stylish T-shirt – is that Andrew’s sack in the picture?

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