Not great, but you get the idea.


Obama’s victory has made me feel a lot happier than I expected it to. The scenes of celebration were genuinely moving and it really does feel as though the world just changed for the better. Whether he’s any good as a president remains to be seen, but his election – and the ease of the win – feels like a light being switched on, especially after eight years of Bush. When Bush was re-elected to a second term four years ago, it seemed like the American public had lost their minds en masse but happily they have since been hit by a wave of common sense. Today’s post was inspired by the comments of one American I saw interviewed who said she had felt humiliated by her country’s leader being ridiculed by the rest of the world for so long and was ecstatic that she now had a president to be proud of.

To be fair, McCain was very magnanimous in defeat and even Bush’s congratulations seemed sincere. That’s the great thing about it – even Republicans (especially Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell) recognise the significance of the result and have to acknowledge that something very important has happened.


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