Last Saturday I had a strange sensation in my mouth, like something didn’t belong. Checking in the mirror, I was horrified to find a massive blood blister on the side of my tongue:


Apologies for the gruesome visual, but I think it helps. Anyway, it was a very thin sack of skin so I burst it with a needle and thought no more of it.  That is, until it turned into the mouth ulcer from HELL. Mouth ulcers are horribly uncomfortable at the best of times, but this one is as big as the original blister and rubs against my teeth whenever I speak or eat. It’s honestly driving me insane. A quick internet search offered some helpful advice:

“Scrape off the white layer of the ulcer. It will be really painful but the bleeding will encourage it to heal.”

Exactly right. Except for the healing bit.

“Pack the ulcer with salt. It will sting a lot but eventually numb the area and bring much relief.”

Numb the area? I nearly passed out from the pain, if that’s what they meant. So far the only thing that’s worked has been neat TCP, but the effect only lasts for ten minutes. It’s not really practical to keep swigging antiseptic at work either. I think I will have to call at Boots today for some Bonjela, perhaps popping into the baker’s too in case it all gets too much.


13 thoughts on “038

  1. Death by bread? Do you really think you can rise to the challenge? Quit loafing around and do something about it!

    Just kidding, sorry for your pain, I had one a while back and all I can advise is to avoid spicy foods and marmite…..

  2. Ooh. Ouch. I do hope you sterilised the needle first. Bonjela has worked for me in the past so good luck with that.

    As for Peter, it may not be as slow a process as he thinks. Many’s the time I’ve had a baguette sandwich which has left the roof of my mouth ripped to shreds by the crust. They’re sharp and dangerous, those French sticks.

  3. Josh – ulcer or no ulcer, avoiding Marmite is pretty much a given for anyone with taste buds isn’t it?

    Justin – when I say needle, I really mean manky old safety pin. Perhaps this explains my problem. I’m a single man, I don’t have needles in my flat.

    On the plus side, Bonjela tastes of aniseed. Hooray!

  4. Anbesol – it’s so good, you may decide to use it recreationally even after the ulcer has gone. Take care not to confuse it with Anusol.

  5. Oh my gosh…I had the exact thing on the same side of my tongue only yesterday…..thought I had some trapped food in my tooth…realised it was the Blood blister from hell! I dont remember biting it or anything! Popped it with a pin and washed mouth out with salt….its AGONY today….every time i try swallow! Now left with a white ulcer which is sore! argh!

  6. It took about two weeks to clear up. Sorry. I’ve had a couple more of these since this post, both in the same area. I suspect some people have a weak blood vessel which is prone to bursting every now and again.

  7. The problem i have is that i had a tooth removed a few years ago and the one next to it has a sharp edge now. i’ve been wearing a gumshield all day which is providing some relief but two weeks!?

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