To cover myself against libel action, I should point out that I have no axe to grind with Kodak who are very nice people indeed and once exchanged a faulty Compact Flash card for me with no quibbles whatsoever. They even gave me a small capacity card free of charge while I was waiting for the right card to come back in stock. See? VERY NICE PEOPLE. The stated camera does not exist as far as I’m aware and even if it did it would be an excellent product and not at all as described above.

Am I safe now?


4 thoughts on “040

  1. I am laughing so hard now; I’ve actually wanted to write letters of complaint like the original one Mr Andrews seems to have written…

    “Dear Mr Gates, please can you arrange for someone to slap your wrists everytime my Windows Vista crashes. Thank you.”

    For the record, I’ve found Windows Vista to be quite reliable…

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