I was in Woolworth’s yesterday and I noticed Marcus Trescothick’s autobiography on the shelf. Are enough people going to buy it to justify its publication? Surely not. He’s a decent cricketer but who wants to read his life story? And how come just about every biography you pick up says ‘The number one bestseller’ on the jacket? They can’t all have been. Just how unfamous do you have to be before they turn you down?


4 thoughts on “047

  1. Caitlin Jones is hot. That ought to sell a few copies for a start. Not sure I’d read it unless it was just pictures though. Then again that’s not really reading is it?

    On a more serious note, Trescothick had to retire from international cricket due to ongoing anxiety attacks. As I understand it, the book is an attempt, in part at least, to explain what caused him to retire, how his condition affects him, and how he’s coping with it.

  2. Justin, your girlfriend is way more attractive than Caitlin. She makes Caitlin look like Ann Widdecombe on an off-day.

    Very funny post. I’d love it if there were a bargain bin saying “Please take a copy”…

  3. Ariane – thanks for your kind words. And I know, but one doesn’t like to brag. But I still think Caitlin is attractive. I bet Graham does too. Just a little bit.

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