WordArt and Comic Sans – the mainstays of rubbish organisations across the world.

Do you like these ‘letter’ posts? I do, but only because they’re fairly easy to make. This one should have been a lot better but once again time was against me.


5 thoughts on “049

  1. I’m likeing these ‘photos with a reply’ ones, very imaginative. Keep them coming, I don’t see how you could improve the photos here good job!

  2. These ‘letter’ posts are fantastic! “Perhaps she was an even-tempered lady, but it does rouse suspicion…” It had me laughing very loudly while people stared. Very much looking forward to more.

  3. I like the letters – they’re always well presented with great attention to detail. Grandma’s location in several of the pics gives a kind of Zaphod Beeblebrox effect, and the horse one is just wrong.

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