I found out to my horror today that Beyoncé Knowles is at number one with her appalling new single. I really can’t stand her for several reasons, but it’s chiefly because she’s an advocate of fur. Anyone who not only wears it but promotes it (Jennifer Lopez also springs to mind) should be shot on sight for being stupid beyond all possible redemption. I could have forgiven her for being a talentless puppet – I’m a reasonable man – but enough is enough.

It was no surprise to learn that she didn’t write a word of If I Were A Boy. I feel sorry for any girl who sees her as a role model.


3 thoughts on “059

  1. Surely this year’s most irritating record, and completely worthy of a ‘kick in the nuts’, so to speak…

  2. Great billboard, especially the graffiti, though I don’t believe you would ever kick anyone in the nuts. Mutinous seething is more your style.

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