My friend Paul, despite not having a computer or knowing how to use one, has been internet dating for about two years. He does it by getting me to help him, and by ‘help’ I mean doing 95% of the work. His success has been limited, but having been on dates with some of Suffolk’s looniest women we can only assume that ‘the one’ is just around the corner.

Anyway, he wanted some new photographs for his profile(s), so we went out this afternoon and did a bit of a shoot. We looked so gay it was unbelievable. Still, it was a reasonable success and on a day when I haven’t had much time for anything else, I though I may as well use the best ones as today’s post.

The question is: would you date this man?


I should probably have asked him for permission before posting this, but since he would have flatly refused I didn’t bother.


3 thoughts on “061

  1. As your only regular female straight reader, I fear the onus is on me… in which case I’ll say that yes, he looks perfectly acceptable. But looks come quite low down on my list of myriad requirements; intelligence is very near the top, and now I know that he can’t use a computer… no, I wouldn’t date this man. (Good photos though. You really should turn pro.)

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