There is a real site called Veggie Date. I know this because I’m a (very inactive) member. For some reason I wrote the article above quite seriously instead of trying to make it funny, which is why it’s not funny. I just like the fact that there are a seemingly endless array of women’s magazines like this that are all pretty much identical and have really terrible names.


4 thoughts on “067

  1. This is really funny, Graham: “We keep teasing each other over which of us is the most stupid” 😀

    I also love the name of the magazine, that alone will keep me chuckling for the rest of the weekend. I’d say it’s on a par with fictional womens’ magazine ‘Flaps’, from ‘Spaced’…

  2. You know, if you ever get bored of construction, I’m absolutely certain you could make a living as a writer for a women’s magazine. This piece is spot-on, from structure to tone to quotes. It is, truly, quite uncanny. Are you sure you don’t moonlight for Chat in your spare time?

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