9 thoughts on “072

  1. I think this event could be a certain gold for Britain in London 2012, however I’m more than a little concerned that at least one of these gentlemen may test positive for nandrolone.

    I would’ve liked a punt on Mr Yule, but this event isn’t listed on the Betfair website. I’ll pop into Ladbrokes on my way into work.

  2. I remember when you grew a beard, Graham. Well, it wasn’t a beard exactly – more stubble – but I’m now wondering if you had aspirations of being Barnaby Elsworthy…?!

    There is no such thing as a pocket pubic epilator (or even a pubic epilator – sorry if you were going to buy me one for Christmas) but that just makes it all the funnier.

  3. I can actually believe these people live where they live. Especially Mr King’s Lynn.

    May I ask what the BOTY trophy looks like – possibly a buttock comb-over?

  4. Richard, I think the bookies are playing it safe after a suspicious groundswell of support for outsider Roger Dinning.

    Mike, I wish I’d thought of that.

    Ariane, I have never grown a beard! The conscious act of doing so is significantly removed from the ‘can’t be arsed to shave’ mentality that descends upon me when I’m off work.

    Hadleigh, I was ‘on’ the point of desperation.

    Thom, I’m tempted to wring out another post by answering your question visually but I will try to suppress the urge.

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