Staying loosely on the subject of people old before their time, I did something this week that I swore I’d never do: I started listening to Radio 2. I can, however, claim some kind of solace amongst the detritus of my shattered youth because I only do it via the iPlayer in the evenings. The programme I ‘Listen Again’ to (can you listen again if you missed it the first time?) is the Radcliffe and Maconie Show. I’ve always liked Mark Radcliffe and I find this show to be pleasant company while I’m churning out these posts. There, I’ve said it.

I’m off now to ask Santa for a pair of tartan slippers and a pipe.


8 thoughts on “073

  1. Having just posted a rant to the Guardian, this cheered me up no end. Are we witnessing the rise of a successor to the venerable Prof. Dawkins?

  2. Graham, nobody likes a know-it-all kid. Can you please see that Miss Hirst gets this written on suitable Santa type paper…

    Dear Olivia,

    You’re wrong, I do exist, but I understand that you require proof.

    I have asked your Mummy to get you the DVD, and for your Daddy to dress up as me on Christmas Eve… proof enough?!

    Rest assusred that the dangerous, nasty monsters under your bed won’t hurt you as long as you don’t doubt that I exist. Sleep tight.

    Love Santa X

  3. Graham – you weren’t that supply teacher sacked from that school in Oldham for telling that class of 6 years olds that Santa doesn’t exist, by any chance..?

    Clearly, you have no idea of the value of the Santa-myth when it comes to small children… “Now go tidy your room, or no presents from Santa!” :-p

    That aside, the funniest part was the request for the Stephen Fry DVD – forget everything else, it’s what all the toddlers want this Christmas. We’ve already got Eden the complet set of Qi. 😀

  4. You obviously didn’t watch Miracle on 34th Street last Sunday, Graham. That would have convinced you. It was all cutesy kids and clean cut, all-American good guys, not to mention Sir Dicky Attenburrow, replete with genuine white beard. Actually, you probably did see it and wrote this as a riposte, didn’t you?

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