Today I’m pleased to unveil my first Creative Year video. Ever since this project began I’ve wanted to do one but have only just got round to it. Maybe I’ll do some more in future if this one doesn’t scar you too much.


8 thoughts on “074

  1. Following this, I will be selling my shares in Jacob’s. Neat trick at the end with the bicycle bell though.

    Many years ago I once managed (with help) to squeeze fifty (50) green seedless grapes into my mouth at once, then carefully chew and swallow them without choking.

    I’m not proud of this. so I don’t talk about it much.

  2. Sorry, can’t type, I’m laughing so much…

    I think Lisa will need some time to get over the shoock of the closing shot, too..!

    hang on, she says she’s going to watch it again, y’know, for therapeutic purposes…


  3. Graham! You exhibitionist! I am shocked. (And very amused.)

    I think the person who holds the cracker record must have a massive trapdoor gob.

    And Richard: 50 grapes?! You should try the crackers!

  4. Beating established records is soooo tough. Always best to make your own mark.

    How about messing up a Rubik cube, from 6 solid colour sides into randomness, in under 2 seconds. I can’t see that in Guiness anywhere.

    Best of luck in your endeavours…

  5. If I wasn’t shy, or bothered about privacy, I’d show myself cracking up.

    I’d like to see someone try a combination of grapes and crackers in less than 14 seconds.

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