The most incredible thing about this story was when Bush was trying to shrug off the incident afterwards. He said of his assailant: “I don’t know what his beef is.” Really George? You can’t think of anything that you might have done to upset him? Take your time, it’s a tough one.

Anyway, if you’d like to play along you can download the PDF version by right-clicking the link below and selecting ‘Save Linked Content As’ (or the equivalent for your browser).

PDF version


7 thoughts on “078

  1. Woah! Clever, funny, edgy and topical.

    Expect to hear extra clicking noises when you make phone calls in future, Graham.

  2. Brilliant , shoes off to you on this one, I love it.

    As well as putting Blutac in the shoes a little bit on chocolate on the soles really adds to the experience if you get a hit!

  3. “I don’t know what his beef is”? Oh dear, he was trying to be all street!

    Fantastic game, though I think you should call it “Give Us A Shoe”.

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