I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate The X Factor. I would go as far as to say that I believe it’s the worst television programme ever created. I’ve never actually watched it but inevitably you see and hear excerpts on various other shows and every year I find myself staggered at the total lack of talent on display. This year, an Ewok came third. Seriously. Peter Kay tried to spoof TV talent shows recently but it wasn’t necessary – they mock themselves with their own absurdity. You can’t invent any act that is more ridiculous than the ones that already exist. The only X Factor winner to have any sort of success is Leona Lewis and she’s incredibly overrated. The others have achieved precisely nothing for obvious reasons.

The term X Factor, to me, means someone with a special ingredient that elevates them above the average. Someone with an engaging personality, someone who thinks for themselves and has something to say. Trouble is, anybody with any of these qualities would never apply to be on such a show in the first place. The judges are basically panning for gold in a sewage outlet.


7 thoughts on “079

  1. I really like your funny, punny cartoons, I also enjoy your more abstract arty stuff.

    But I think I most appreciate your rants, perhaps because they often mirror my own views. The X Factor is one of the most unforgivable pieces of televisual excrement ever screened. It’s cheap to make, makes heaps of money and, as you say, is devoid almost entirely of any semblance of talent. The fact that so many people watch and enjoy it makes me all the more angry. Still, at least I don’t have to watch it.

  2. Another winner! Quite right about the Peter Kaye spoof – such tosh is unspoofable!

    While X-factor was on, I made a point of watching BBC4’s highly-acclaimed critique of 19th-century Tyrrolean exostentialists.

    However, you may shortly get a post from a lady who’s a big fan of the X-factor…

  3. If you hate X-Factor, go out and download/buy the Jeff Buckley version of ‘Hallelujah’ (arguably the definitive, best version). Apparently, it’s at number 2 in the charts, with the X-Craptor winner at number one. But if we could just get enough people to buy some REAL music for a change, well… it makes me laugh to think how much it’s ruin Simon Cowell’s Christmas…

    Graham: ‘Cantina Scene’ is actually quite a cool name for a band… But maybe that’s because I’m such a shameless geek! 😀

  4. Graham, you seem to know too much about this year’s contest. I can just see you wrestling yourself trying to change the channel and losing. I have managed to miss ALL of it – hurrah! But people in meetings at work start discussing it and they vote…

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