I don’t think I can say this without sounding like an old curmudgeon, but I’m not a fan of Christmas light displays. A few twinklers in the window is fair enough, but when my neighbour covers the entire facade of his house in the middle of November it irks me quite a bit. Then the bloke a few doors down doesn’t want to be outdone, so he covers the front and side of his house, while the prick at the end of the road plays his trump card by slapping them on the roof as well. It’s like our carbon footprints are only relevant for eleven months of the year. I’ve never heard anyone suggest that light displays should be scaled down to save energy. Why not?


6 thoughts on “080

  1. Because they’re worried about sounding like an old curmudgeon..?! I liked “GET LOST” though I thought the original presents and trees were meant to spell two words (the second being “MOAT”).

  2. Graham: How about changing one letter per day, like those puzzle-words thingies??






    GOD-LESS [just in time for Xmas Eve.]

    The permutations for insulting your neighbours are endless!

  3. Ariane: GOD LEST was in my original draft!

    PS Before the lights lit, I read the original trees as “HOT GOAT”…

    … I’ll get my coat.

  4. I quite like seeing someone go completely nuts and decorate their house, making it visible from space! Every year, I wonder what sort of person would do that….

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