12 thoughts on “081

  1. Very good, though I struggled with the last two because I thought the CDs and DIET pics were linked.

    I think I could possibly fit all of those plump, juicy grapes into my mouth, chewing and swallowing them all in one go. However, I would need an assistant, and they would need to be seedless. The grapes, that is, not the assistant!

  2. OCD would have been good, but I have to don my pedant’s hat and point out that their colour indicates that they are DVDs.

  3. Really enjoyed that, I saw it as O.C.D., but I should have seen it as disco, as it’s more my generation. Picture them alight & we could have had Disco Inferno!!

  4. I can’t work out the Arizona one. I thought it was just me being stupid, but my american colleague is also clueless. Can somebody put us out of our misery please?

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