I recently discovered that there’s a restaurant in London called Dans Le Noir? where you dine in pitch darkness. I thought it was a wind-up at first but, incredibly, it’s true. Apparently the deprivation of your sense of sight intensifies your sense of taste. It’s the biggest load of pony I’ve ever heard but I have to concede that it’s a genius scam. Not only does it attract idiots with more money than sense (no pun intended), but the owners can get away with murder. They don’t have to clean the tablecloths, they don’t have to have expensive decor and they save a fortune in electricity. They don’t even have to dress up – they probably wear T-shirts that say ‘There’s one born every minute’.

Anyway, here’s my ‘tribute’ and I’m sorry it’s so late.



7 thoughts on “082

  1. Excellent! 😀 I suspect that the menu in the cartoon is frighteningly close to what’s actually served…

  2. Excellent, and like good food, well worth the wait!

    I can just imagine the waiter trying to read the menu in total darkness using Braille:

    Customer: “Waiter, so what’s in the fish pie?”

    Waiter: “Well sir,… [pause]… lobster, …prawns …and crap, sir”

    Customer: “Crap?!”

    Waiter: [another pause] “…I’m sorry sir, I’ll just feel that again…”

  3. A little later, a lady’s voice from the impenetrable gloom:

    Female customer: “Oh, waiter…?”

    Waiter: “Yes, madam…?”

    Female customer: “When the main course arrives…”

    Waiter: “Er, yes…?”

    Female customer: “..do, please, be a little more careful with the peppermill…”

  4. Ok, so I’ll admit I went there…. it was a while ago and yes it did get messy, “this is great, try it” I said as I shove a handful of something (yes it could have been chopped up pot noodle) into a friend’s mouth….. it was fun.

    I liked the comic strip!

  5. Apparently people go there to get frisky, unaware that there are infrared video cameras – so Richard, your second post might not be too far off!

  6. It’s a natural progression from serving you quarter portions and charging triple price.

    Next they’ll have ‘Be a Cook to the Celebs’. You bring in your own food, cook & serve it to the Chef, and… only if it’s good enough mind you, can you then cook it for Celebs in the adjacent Restaurant (of course you never get to see the celebs but you’re told who’s in!).

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