I’m a bit sad about Woolworths’ demise even though I rarely bought anything from them. The original of this receipt is from February and seems to be the last time that I shopped there (I keep all my receipts going back about 13 years so I’m pretty sure).

I’ve realised, somewhat surprisingly, that I seem to enjoy Photoshopping receipts and tickets more than anything else. If they weren’t so cripplingly dull I’d probably be happy doing that for the remaining 282 posts.

Hi girls.


8 thoughts on “083

  1. 13 years of receipts, eh? That’s quite a scrapbook.

    I love the attention to detail on these kind of posts. 282 more of them might be a bit much, but I reckon you could get away with posting one every other day.

  2. I think this is quite sad too, more so because that receipt comes from my local Woolworths. By the time I am next back in the UK, it will probably have closed for the last time. Where will we go for Pick ‘n’ Mix now?

  3. Going on a two minute trolley dash would be my dream- and I can imagine myself doing it in debenhams, then selling the half the stuff on ebay.Ah, the joys of shopping…

  4. I wonder what life without Woolworths would be like….. I can’t remember the last time I went so I’m assuming it would be just like today.

  5. Graham, I still remember the shock when you first told me you kept not only your receipts, but also all your letters AND envelopes! On the plus side, you still have all our penpal letters from 12 years ago (I think I lost all mine in house moves). Incidentally, do you have copies of all your own letters too?

  6. Gavin, I think posting daily is a good discipline so I’ll try to keep that up. I’d be disappointed with myself if I couldn’t.

    Simon, I didn’t realise you were from this part of the world. I went in there on Saturday and there was very little left on the shelves so it looks like you’ve missed out on the £3 toasters.

    Hannah, it’s always nice to hear from a new commenter. Sounds like you’ve got a good business plan there.

    Josh, thank you for the perspective. As a nation I think we’ll cope.

    Ariane, you know very well that I keep copies of my own letters. You’re just showing me up now!

  7. Long after Woolworths disappears from living memory, groups of people might question whether or not the fabled chain of shops had ever actually existed:

    “But what of the old photos and video? And then there are the ancient till-scrolls in the museums?”

    “All doctored and worthless; the fossil record does not prove Woolworths ever traded at all! It‘s all a ruse to get us to believe that new types of shops can develop, grow, and then become insolvent… The old foundations that are occasionally unearthed were put there by our Creator to test our faith!”

    Then they’d amble off to break their daily bread at McDonalds.

  8. Hi Graham – what I meant was, perhaps a receipt-based post every day would be over the top (although I’d be very happy to see some more of them in the future!). Definitely keep up the daily posts, and I’m certain that you’ll go the full (creative) year.

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