The hardest part of this one was coming up with the Top 5 song titles. Would anyone like to suggest some better ones?


6 thoughts on “084

  1. Toilet humour and blasphemy rolled into one. British humour at its best. Wouldn’t it be nice if carols were adapted to their surroundings? We could have Top of the Plops playing in public conveniences, while Ann Summers could delight us with Dildo Merrily on High.

  2. Great article. Nice of the local church to sniff out Mr Foreman’s sick pay!

    Vicky, Hannah & I had great fun coming up with:
    “Parp, The Herald Angels Stink!”
    “A Poo in a Manger”
    “Fairy Tale of Poo York”
    “Mistletoe and Shite” – on the same hit CD as “Conflatuations!” by Sir Whiff,

    and our favourite:
    “A Lonely Plop in a Christmas Shop”

    PS Did you know that Good King Wenceslas liked his pizza Deep-pan, crisp and even?

  3. Lovely & irreverent, someone should think of manufacturing it!

    Rudolf the red ringpiece reindeer
    I saw mommy wiping Santa Claus
    God rest ye jerry, gentlemen
    Once in Royal David’s privvy
    Silent Shite
    Auld Lang Stool

    Happy holidays 😉

  4. Is it me, or has Jesus been boxing according to his appearance on that Loo-roll? He’s sporting the most fabulous, broken nose! 😀

  5. Richard: I love “Parp, The Herald Angels Stink”!

    Here are my meagre offerings:

    “We Wish Poo A Merry Pissmas”
    “Jingle Smells”
    “The Holly And The Lavvy”

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