I don’t really have any right to do a review of the year. I started 2008 by declaring it my Year of Music and vowing to listen to more albums than ever before. It started well but petered out by June. For that reason there are almost certainly a number of gems that I’ve missed off simply because I’ve been too lazy/busy/unaware to listen to them. Still, what’s a blog for if not inflicting one’s views on its readers?

Again, in true interactive style, feel free to nominate your own favourite albums. I’m always on the lookout for a good musical tip.


8 thoughts on “085

  1. i don’t really get it…
    But its really clever that the girl is called christmas eve, or have they made christmas eve feminine?

  2. Thanks, Eve, high recommendations indeed! I may need to investigate the Mogwai record.

    I’d nominate Accelerate by R.E.M. and Sunday At Devil Dirt, the second collaboration between Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan.

  3. Mogwai is high on my list – I’ve listened to nothing else since it came out (Danphe and the Barin and The Sun Smells Too Loud have hooked in to my brain with all the fervour of a nasty parasitic worm, and have taken over my music listening).

    My favourite album is either that, or ‘Made in the Dark’ by Hot Chip, which is great. I couldn’t write a top five as I think I’ve bought 5 albums all year, although I could create a top 20 of albums I wish I’d bought. ‘Third’ by Portishead is one of them, so thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out!

  4. I feel like a fogey, Graham. I haven’t heard any of these, and nor am I likely to (unless I get in your car). Re. Sparks, I loved “When Do I Get To Sing My Way?”, but the song “Dick Around” made me wish I didn’t have ears. It was, genuinely, the most painful listening experience I have ever had, and I include listening to Stephen Green in that.

    I’m currently listening to “Lillian” by Depeche Mode:


  5. Richard, thank you. Similar signs were put up in Ipswich recently but I am not to blame…

    Hannah, yes her name is Christmas Eve. It’s just a total coincidence that she and I share the same taste in music!

    Simon, it’s okay – Sparks are still cool. At least they are to me.

    Gavin, I tried very hard to get into the R.E.M. album without success. I heard a bit of Campbell and Lanegan on Radcliffe & Maconie so I might check that out.

    Hadleigh, I haven’t heard many albums either this year. It wasn’t hard to whittle them down. Vampire Weekend perhaps deserve an honourable mention.

    Ariane, ‘Dick Around’ is fantastic! Monotonous and belligerent, yes, but that’s the point. I could introduce you to far more painful listening experiences that that.

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