I would like to stress that I do not do this sort of thing myself, but the idea amused me. I’m sure some people do it.


3 thoughts on “087

  1. Let me know if you’re going to a car-boot sale soon – I’ve got my eye on the golf-tees, Stella, and the wall clock.

    You’ve inspired Hannah to do her own Xmas present analysis…

  2. I don’t believe you! It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d do! I’m glad we don’t do Christmas presents otherwise I reckon your entry for me would be “Another bloody Nick Hornby book! I don’t like him that much…”

    Love “added his name to gift tag on the socks”.

  3. Richard, I’m sorry for leading her astray. I hope it’s not as harsh as this one!

    Ariane, you’ve only bought me two Nick Hornby books. Or is it three? And one of those was signed for my 25th birthday so I think you’re in the clear. I promise I’ll finish reading it one day.

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