Sorry this is so big. You’ll probably have to enlarge and zoom. Being an impulsive trailblazer means that I don’t consider these things until the last minute. Hopefully Sony will see the funny side and send me a free home cinema kit. Do you know, I often look at other brands but find myself returning to Sony again and again because they’re so wonderfully reliable and pleasant to deal with. I don’t have a PS3 either. Lovely people, Sony.


3 thoughts on “092

  1. This is my favorite piece so far. So subtle, so dead-pan, so wrong! Please tell me you can actually gain access to the SONY factory and attach these pages to the real manuals – if you get caught, just claim it’s a piece of “performance art”.

    Happy New Year – all the best for 2009!

  2. You know, I never actually read the instructions with electrical goods, so for all I know, this could be what they actually have inside…

  3. This made me laugh loads, Gray. I especially liked “we sympathise but are unable to help you”. I agree with Richard: you should definitely attach it. Maybe you can do work experience at Curry’s for a day and slip it into lots of Blu-Ray boxes in the storeroom?

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