New Year is always a bit strange. Like most people, I usually see it as a clean slate and a good excuse to try something new but that’s a bit daft really. Why let the calendar dictate when you make an effort to do things? A new year can start whenever you want it to. Time doesn’t know we’re marking it.


7 thoughts on “093

  1. This kind of makes me want to go back to the year 1009 when it would have been MIX. But only kind of.

    Happy New Year and keep on truckin’, it’s great stuff, whatever you might think sometimes.

  2. Reminds me of an old joke I read back in the 1950s (yes, I’m ancient.) Somebody said, “I’ll meet you at McMick’s.” Seems he meant the Town Hall, with the date of erection carved in stone on the portico in Roman numerals: it was built in 1909.

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