I may dissolve Creative Year and devote my attentions to setting up a Co Stompé fan club. What do you reckon?


5 thoughts on “094

  1. Does this mean that next time I’ll see you, it’ll be at Lakeside, with a pint of lager in one hand and a hair-dresser girlfriend on the other arm, shouting ‘come on, you Match stick!’

    Yes, I know, my google-fu is astounding…

  2. I have to confess I too needed to google The Stompmeister to find out who he was. But if you’re a fan of ‘dartists’ you should check out London Fields by Martin Amis if you haven’t already. Dark, funny and very darty.

  3. Ariane, there has never been anything more certain than Creative Year’s termination at the end of September. Thanks for your blessing though.

    Hadleigh, ten points and a badge. Good work!

    Justin, I may well do that.

    Sadly, just as my poster hit your screens, dear old Co was thrashed 4-0 in the World Championships by Phil Taylor. At the end the crowd were singing ‘Play Up Stompe’ in homage to the Portsmouth football chant.

  4. Hmm, I’ve obviously been missing out. I, too, had to google Stompe, thinking this was the new-style box for Coco Pops.

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