I’ve got that slightly sick feeling you get when you realise you’ve just wasted four hours of your life. Yes, I really did measure all these remotes, count their buttons and weigh them. Amazingly it wasn’t until afterwards that I realised it wasn’t artistic or funny or useful or anything.


6 thoughts on “096

  1. I dunno – I can really see this sweeping playgrounds every where! “Oh no, I got that Daewoo R48A08!” 😦


  2. Admit it: these are all yours, aren’t they Gray? You really do have 15 remote controls, don’t you? You do, you do!

    I have a measly 4.

  3. My kids are forever hiding the remotes. We have five in current use, and maybe another dozen lost in the furniture.

    I think you have a beer stain on the Denon RC-1017, which could affect its value to a collector…

  4. You’re only King of the Geeks if you’ve fashioned a utility belt to holster the remotes — so that you never miss a second of the latest anime.

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