I was going to make him a wheelwright as well, but that may have been a step too far.


3 thoughts on “097

  1. I was hoping to have read someone else’s comment on this, because it was all a bit beyond me.

    “Rite” is the other spelling of the same sound, but it might have been difficult to fit in the story. “You” is the only other word I can think of, off the top of my head, with 4 distinct meanings, all spelt differently! Safe journey…

  2. Err, okay..? I thought the Golf-club Leg was going to be hugely significant, but I can’t believe you mislead us!!! You, Graham, the bastion of reliability!!! :p

    That, and the ending threw me a bit… is stream-of-conscience cartooning the way forward now..?

  3. Richard, you mustn’t ever assume that my work has any great meaning. For what it’s worth though, I quite like this one.

    Hadleigh, nothing I do is the way forward!

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