I was sort of, kind of, almost commissioned to create the image above. The British Humanist Association, on the back of the Atheist Bus Campaign, are launching a new fundraising drive and indirectly asked me to come up with an image for their donation page. It’s called ‘The Next Stop’ so they wanted something featuring a bus stop.

I have a strong feeling that they will never ask me for anything ever again.


5 thoughts on “098

  1. It as great to meet you today – all the art-work looked terrific and it’s being beamed around the globe. Well done!

  2. Ariane, Hadleigh – thank you.

    Richard, it was great to meet you too – thank you for the kind words.

  3. It certainly looked good in the context of the BHA justgiving site, which is the objective, so stop beating yourself up.

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