I did an image search for letters from The Queen and couldn’t believe that they are all set out just like this. Who still indents paragraphs on typed letters? Centering the signature is even worse. Can’t she set an example with anything?

Meanwhile, the Atheist Bus Campaign launch on Tuesday was a fantastic occasion (I didn’t mention it yesterday because I’d already scheduled the post in advance). It was great to meet Creative Year commenters Richard and Simon and to see all of Ariane’s tremendous efforts come together in such a positive and exciting way. It has been a great honour to be involved in such a terrific project. If you weren’t there I won’t insult your Googling abilities by linking to the coverage but it’s well worth checking out. I took plenty of video footage and will probably post the results here once I’ve had time to edit it – perhaps this weekend. Thanks to Josh for the photo below.

She may look sweet but she's actually stealing my wallet.

She may look sweet but she's actually stealing my wallet.


8 thoughts on “100

  1. Well, I don’t think it’ll ever be “Sir Graham”!

    I love these mock-ups you do – great fun. Thanks for the kind words Graham; what a terrific day it was. And, yes, she got my wallet too, plus fob-watch, spectacles and nose-stud. Particularly disappointed about the nose-stud – it had been left to me by my gran.

  2. This may be number 100 for you Graham, but for me it shot straight into the charts at number 1.

    I was delighted to meet you at the launch on Tuesday and I echo your sentiments about the campaign: it was indeed an honour to be involved.

  3. Web Search + Internet pron mishap + The Queen = comedic pricelessness 😀

    On the downside, I laughed so much it irritated my cough, so thanks for that…

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