2 thoughts on “103

  1. “agreed to waive the insertion fee”…classic! Let me know when they do Schindler’s List and whether Prince Harry might do a cameo.

  2. Totally agree with Thom about the “insertion fee” waiver by Gussett Dribble! And I think Ada Burridge works in our local Tesco – she’s always singing “Beautiful Morning” from “Oklahoma!” at the sausage counter.

    You have excelled yourself with this post, Graham. I kept trying to click on some of the extras like Mr Atkinson’s profile. I think if you were to start a spoof blog of the Grimesthorpe Theatre, it could quickly gain a cult following. I want to read more about these people! Seriously… I do!

    At the very least you should start a Just Giving site for poor Milly Thompson…

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