I shot some footage at the Atheist Bus Campaign launch last Tuesday and finally got round to editing it on Sunday. YouTube has a ten minute limit on clips so I had to be fairly ruthless and cut out large chunks of the speeches but hopefully it’s still an interesting overview. The footage is a bit shaky at times, for which I apologise, but it was very cold and I couldn’t stop shivering.


8 thoughts on “105

  1. Really nicely edited Graham. That’s the first time I’ve seen a shot of one of the big screens in Oxford Street.

  2. I can only echo the above comments – nice one Graham!

    PS Please do pass on my regards to poor Milly Thompson…

  3. Thank you.

    Simon & Richard – I’m sorry I had to chop the bit where Ariane thanked you both but I really had to be ruthless.

    Oh, and Richard – I showed post 022 to Milly to cheer her up. There’s always someone worse off.

  4. Evidently not, but I’m sure 022 did make Milly feel a little bit better about her new circumstances.

    Whilst searching back for that post I stumbled upon 038. That really is a weird place to get one of those… did the Germoloid do the trick?

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