No, it’s not interactive. I’m not that clever.


12 thoughts on “106

  1. Graham: Yes it was! I’m sad enough to be able to read this without the aid of printer & scissors!

    Very clever.

    PS Fully appreciate the need to trim the clip “ruthlessly”, though you should have left the bit in where Ariane thanked you!

  2. Does it say something about twats? That’s the only thing that Lisa & I can see in it.

    …leave me alone, I’ve been staring at a computer screen all-day at work, I can’t cope with visual puzzles…

  3. Richard, are you telling the truth? I’m very impressed if you did it in your head. I do hope you’ve applied for the new series of The Krypton Factor.

    Hadleigh, I apologise for the assault on your brain. You’re on the wrong track I’m afraid but I wouldn’t worry too much – the effort isn’t… er… worth it.

  4. I was planning to print/cut up/rearrange, but then found that the ink cartridge had run out. Got there eventually though, and I would say yes!

  5. Graham: Yup, all in my head. The little bits of letters on the edges of the squares give clues to their locations, then it’s just a process of eliminating the tiles one by one, and picturing the tiles adjacent to each other to form the words. It’s like Sudoki, but enjoyable.

    I did tell you I was sad!

    I don’t know if I should put this in the public domain, but I seriously think you’ve hit upon a really ingenius format for a newspaper puzzle. You could conceal well-known sayings, the names of celebrities, TV shows, etc. in this 3×3 tile format for readers to work out, giving IQ ratings for the number of minutes taken to solve it. You could call it something like “Nine-Bender” (mind-bender?). This could keep you in beer & sandwiches while you work on your other projects.

    But act quickly – or Colin Webber’s ex-employee featured in 069 will steal your idea!

  6. In a 1×1 format the answer would be staring them in the face but they’d still happily look for another solution, claiming a lack of evidence for the obvious one, then probably lodge a complaint for good measure.

  7. Quite!

    And of course, the 0x0 version for the National Association of Nihilists and Solipsists magazine. Though you probably wouldn’t get paid for your work because they would dispute the existence of your invoices… as well as the existence of their own magazine.

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