With a project like this, it would be unreasonable to expect every post to be of a high standard. I’m realistic enough to acknowledge this. Today’s piece, though, is the first time I’ve really been embarrassed by what I’ve posted. It’s embarrassing because I launched into it with no real conviction and no solid idea of what I was trying to do. That’s the antithesis of art and design.

At the start of Creative Year I found it fresh and exciting but somewhere along the line it has turned into a job. I’m not sure how to get back to where I was but I may go a bit nuts in the near future.

Polite warning only. No cause for alarm.


5 thoughts on “108

  1. … yep, I think Rob A is onto something. I can imagine Wogan getting a bit tetchy when asked to perform with a cute bear suffering from stagefright.

  2. Worry not, you’ll have times when you fell low on inspiration (this, in turn, will lead to the job feeling like work). Keep at it, you’re doing great and I for one and enjoying them!

  3. I reckon Pudsey was putting it on all along. He’s had the same complaint for years.

    Josh, thank you. When are you going to start blogging again?

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