A tad late, perhaps, but I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by.


19 thoughts on “109

  1. You may laugh now but remember that no-one laughs in Hell. You MUST repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

  2. There’s probably no Stephen Green…

    Thanks Richard W for posting the link on the JustGiving page – this has really made my day! Great site, too.


  3. I do like the idea of “sanitaryware”. It sounds so much better than “bogs” – much like “waste disposal units” instead of “bins”.

  4. Richard, I greatly appreciate your plug on the JustGiving page. I’m quite sure no one has ever paid to promote my work before!

    Mr Green… is that you masquerading as ‘Bob’?

  5. Ariane – It seems that you may possibly have the same name as someone who has recently reinforced my belief in humankind. Are you that piece of intellectual totty, and I’m thinking of Joan Bakewell minus several decades here, who came up with that fucking amazing idea of the bus ads? If so then I salute you. I travel on the No18 every day and it is a joy, an absolute joy, to know that it is pissing off religiots such as Stephen Green and the rest of the faithfool. You have done something wonderful Ariane. You have started something great!

  6. Graham: I hoped you didn’t mind, but I thought this post was so topical, clever and funny that the ABC readers would appreciate it. Btw, was the Hull postcode supposed to read a bit like “HUge 4RSe”?

    Bob: Well now, if you’re planning on going to heaven Bob, I doubt many people will be laughing there either.

    Remigius: Just after Ariane’s BBC Breakfast interview in December I emailed her suggesting she was fast becoming the “young thinking-man’s Joan Bakewell”, and her successive TV and radio performances have only reinforced my opinion!

  7. Richard – that’s first class subtext searching! Sadly you’re wrong; that is their actual address. And no, of course I didn’t mind!

    Remigius – wow… do you really think it’s her?

  8. How sad, how some might have hard hearts, ha ha love the way they use “there’s probably no god” why just not say what you believe, Oh! that just might leave it open to that there’s PROBABLY ie, is a god and you should worry? and not force something you don’t really believe in or you would have put it more like this, that “there’s no god” am I right? just goes to show how true the bible is, have you ever read it? my friend’s Jesus is the way the truth and the life, don’t be fooled!! look around you and the state of the world, oh thats right your happy, living just like the world, don’t be proud and try cover your sins, for all fall short, thats why there is a god, open your eye’s and read the bible instead of some stupid slogan, look how all they all follow and jump on the bus!

  9. Graham. Now that you mention it I do begin to have my doubts. Joan Bakewell never really rang my bell. But Maya Even – she was a cracker.

  10. Richard (January 18 at 12:48 am

    This is a parody, isn’t it? Please tell me it is. I hate to think that after so many decades of compulsory free education there are still people as stupid as this.

  11. @Graham

    Don’t you find it funny that these religious nutters who are posting messages on your blog have only found it from following links from atheist websites/forums? Well, unless there’s some kind of Christian search engine for this kind of thing…

  12. @Bob

    “You may laugh now but remember that no-one laughs in Hell. You MUST repent and accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour.”

    Yes they do. The robot devil off Futurama is always laughing!!

  13. Jon – it is rather curious, yes. I’ve been surprised by the number of Christians who frequent atheist message boards. Do atheists do the same thing on Christian forums? I suppose they must do but I can’t say I’ve ever felt the inclination myself.

  14. Richard, old mate, I admire your perseverance, getting back on-line and writing so soon after suffering a stroke. Good on yer!

  15. @Graham

    I don’t think I’d have the patience to argue on a Christian message board. I struggle enough with the religious people who turn up to argue on the ABC Facebook group. It’s getting a bit repetitive!

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