It’s a while since I did a portrait so I thought I’d use today as an excuse to have another go.

Good luck, B.O. – I think you might need it.


6 thoughts on “112

  1. Nice artwork! It’ll be interesting to compare this portrait with how he looks on four (or eight) years time.

    So, Graham, have you found his CV yet?!

  2. Hi Graham
    thanks for your fantastic efforts so far. I got diverted here via a link while looking at the atheist bus site. I have looked over your year’s work and am so far mightily impressed. I particularly like the cartoons and the letter-type collages… I love your offbeat style of humour.
    Best of luck for the rest of the year – I intend to be a regular visitor from now on.

  3. Hi,
    Another one from the atheist bus site.. hugely enjoyed leafing through your work so far!
    Is it too much to hope that he had his fingers crossed while saying “God bless the United States of America”? 😉

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