A colleague at work has a little book of witty desk signs that I rather like. It resembles a calendar in that you can turn them over to display whichever one matches your mood that day. This is a terrible anecdote because I can’t remember any of them at the moment but it got me thinking that maybe there should be an equivalent for bloggers. My wit deserted me when I needed it most but here are a few that I came up with (when I was very short of time, hence their basic appearance).

This may be an opportune moment to announce my retirement from slogan writing.


4 thoughts on “114

  1. I kind of like this sort of gentle humour, And it reminds me of a car bumper sticker I once saw, back in the day (the 1980s probably) when ‘My other car’s a Porsche’ was deemed hilarious by the sort of person who would describe themselves as a ‘wag’. But this sticker subverted that beautifully. It read:

    My other car sticker’s funny.

  2. Very clever – my favourite’s No 2!

    For a seasonal blog, how about:

    A Winter’s Tale – My Yuletide Blog.

  3. I agree with Richard No2 is by far the best. I don’t often leave comments because my keyboard is incorrectly wired and I run the risk of getting an electric sho

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